The 2020 year brought many changes to my life, but God has seen my family through. On July 17, my Dad
passed away. As far as we know he was never in pain and went peacefully at the Flo and Phil Jones Hospice
House in Jonesboro. My sisters and I were blessed with godly parents and are so thankful they are together

During the end of Dad’s life, I became his sole caretaker, as well as the sole caretaker for my older sister,
Donna. Donna had back surgery on September 11 and was back on the road to recovery when I started
having trouble with my back again. A series of injections have made things easier.

My baby sister, Terri, has had some health issues and I have helped transport her to doctors’ appointments
and she is finally on the right track.

Big new for the year 2020, Donna and I decided to move into mom and dad’s house and basically make it
into two living areas sharing the oven, dishwasher, and laundry. Correction, the oven may be in my part
of the house, but the oven is all Donna’s. We have named the place The Penn Estate. If anyone wants to
buy one of the old homes on Jefferson in downtown Jonesboro, let me know. I know where one is for

Donna and I have started some new traditions. We have movie night once a week with some other ladies.
Two are my cousins and the other two are ladies from church.

My niece Samantha is in the second year of law school at University of Alabama and her husband, James,
will graduate the weekend of Annual Meeting (April 30-May 1). Boy did I mess that up. Samantha and
James both have some great job/internship opportunities. We also just hear from Samantha tonight that
one of her papers is going to be published. So excited and proud of her.

My niece Sara is a Senior. I cannot believe it. Sara wants to be “Abby” from NCIS. She has been accepted
to George Mason University and will be studying forensics. Her going is to work for the FBI. I see a great
speaker for AALS in the future. Sara has been working on painting for Aunt Donna. Aunt Belinda’s got
put on the back burner as her class schedule this year is challenging.

John is in the 8th grade and is also doing good in school. He spends most weekends with Aunt Donna and
me. He has been spending the weekends with us for a while because, I found out later, he would tell his
dad that Aunt Belinda needed help with Granddad and Aunt Donna. Now, he wants to spend the night
and help us with anything where he can earn money. My laptop is so slow because of his computer games
so he is saving for his own “gaming” computer. Oh, John’s excitement is “I am growing” and he finally got
a phone.

I guess you can see I have spent my year, 2020, with my family. It has been a true blessing and our
relationship has really grown. Oh, I should add that my brother-in-law, Victor, has said repeatedly that he
is never playing cards again because he never wins. However, you have got to check out the picture of
him after winning a 3-hour game of Uno with special rules. It was fun but long and a challenge. Samantha
LOVED it!!