Hello AALS Family,

We were so blessed to be able to come together on Saturday, November 20, 2021, to celebrate and recognize both current and former members of AALS and pay tribute to the history and accomplishments of our association. We also had two members of our sister association join us from Mississippi! If you were not able to be there, be assured–you were missed!!! We were so blessed to have this time together, to get caught up and reconnect our stories and our lives and realize we will always have something in common because of our AALS membership!

Attached is the presentation that was given. Although the speech does not include the spontaneous remarks that were made during the luncheon (as those came straight from the heart!), it does reflect many of the great things our members achieved over the years! I am forever thankful for my membership in AALS, and the wonderful friends and family-by-choice that have graced my life!

Doris Compton, PP, PLS Emeritus
On behalf of the 2021-2002 AALS Executive Committee

Front row, left to right: Karen Kuhn (Mississippi), Mary Hand, Belinda Penn, Linda Adair, Janet Gordon, Cheryl Summerhill, Danny Looney-Yoder, and Doris Compton

Second row, left to right: Bilie Ruddick (Mississippi), Cathy Underwood, Robin Brady, Joyce Morgan, Rita Thatcher, Janice Miller, Martha Cox, Judy Davis, Kim Cooksey, and Claire Martin.