NALS/AALS can offer you numerous Certification/Education Programs:   

  • Demonstrate your proficiency in administrative legal skills by obtaining your Certified Legal Professional (CLP) certification. It is the basic, entry-level certification for legal professionals. The Professional Legal Secretary (PLS) and Professional Paralegal (PP) certifications allow you to move up the career ladder by displaying your high level of knowledge and expertise. NALS has the certification for you, whether you are beginning a career in the legal industry or are a veteran paralegal ready to display your skills. With three levels of certification, NALS offers something for everyone and if you are just starting your career we offer you ways to prove yourself as you advance and gain experience
  • OnDemand Library offers members a valuable education resource. We understand that you want more for your money and we are giving you just that. The OnDemand Library holds a listing of past webinars and podcasts available for download on YOUR TIME, 20+ presentations from our most popular conference sessions, a catalog of Jett Award winning chapter project outlines, the Ethics Series, The NALS Guide to Model Competencies for Legal Secretaries, and full issues of past @Law magazines in PDF format. These resources are here for you to use whenever you would like. Download to your mobile devices and tablets, and take them with you for FREE… simply for being a NALS member.
  • Publications/Communications: NALS is on the cutting edge of technology by providing information to you in the ways you want to receive it. Whether it is a print publication, digital newsletter, email alerts, or even through social media, NALS will keep you up to date on what is going on in the association and the industry. NALS members receive a subscription to all three of NALS publications as a part of their membership—@Law, the NALS Magazine for Legal Professionals, the NALS docket, and NALS News & Industry Views.
  • Specialty Certificate Program: NALS is offering Specialty Certificates for those who want to go above and beyond. Receiving a Specialty Certificate in one of the 21 tracks designated by NALS is sure to set you apart from the competition and make your area of expertise known.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL 21 SPECIALTY CERTIFICATES.