We have a new ingredient to add to our RECIPE FOR SUCCESS!!  As you may have heard yesterday, the 2019 NALS conference will be held in Little Rock, ARKANSAS. This is huge news for AALS and Arkansas.

We must prepare our kitchens for some of the top chefs in this wonderful association to visit our beautiful state.  We must polish our silver, prepare the serving plates, and find all the best ingredients to assist NALS with this fantastic opportunity to shine.

Cheryl Summerhill, PLS has been asked to lead the 2019 NALS LR Task Force.  A group of members have already started planning CLE speakers for this conference. However, there will be other opportunities for members of AALS to assist along the way.  We will need the talent each AALS member offers for this RECIPE to rise properly and create a successful conference.  If you have something you think needs to be addressed, please contact Cheryl.  If you have a speaker that you think NALS members need to hear, or any thought or idea that could help us pull off this conference, please contact Cheryl.  If Cheryl contacts you and needs assistance, I’d sure appreciate it if you could assist in any way you can.

The registration information and form should be distributed in early 2019.  When that happens, please share with co-workers and friends and encourage all other AALS members, potential members, past members, and non-members to attend.   It would certainly be a feather in our cap for AALS to have 100% participation and attendance by all members.

Mark your calendar now for September 26-28, 2019, Little Rock, Arkansas!!

We are the yeast that will make AALS rise to the top!!  Let’s do this!!!