It’s now been a little over two weeks since the installation of your new officers. Hopefully everyone has had a chance to rest from getting the Recipe that you should each fulfill during the year. Thanks to NEASLP for hosting a wonderful, educational, profitable, and fun-filled annual meeting event.

Thanks again for electing me to serve as your president. I welcome each of you to Danny’s Kitchen. I’m here for each member of this great organization. If you have any question or comment, please do not hesitate to contact me. I welcome them all and hopefully can use them all for a future RECIPE FOR SUCCESS.

Chapter Presidents–I encourage you to keep me posted on what is happening in your local chapters. I want to know dates of events that are planned. For you members at large, I want you to keep me informed of what’s happening with you. I plan to attend as many events as I possibly can, so let me know!

Collecting silverware is the theme of the membership drive this year. It’s easy, recruit a new member and get a piece of silverware. Your name will then be written on that piece of silverware and placed in a basket. At the 2019 General Assembly, one piece of silverware will be drawn and that winner will have the choice of a $100 gift card or have their national dues paid for a year. How easy is that!!! Start your recruiting and bring in those members.

The AALS Professional Enhancement Retreat is just that–invest in yourself while enjoying your AALS pals!! June 8-9, 2018 at Ferncliff Retreat House in Little Rock. There are some great topics scheduled and I know the CLEC will have some great food for us to eat! A Pampered Chef FUNdraiser will be held on Friday night. Please bring your appetites as I prepare a RECIPE FOR SUCCESS, and we’ll review products and fill some order forms, which will enhance the AALS treasury. The registration form was provided to you in an email prior to annual meeting. If you need another, please contact Mimi Jackson immediately. Space is limited. This is a casual event. Send your registration TODAY!

Another upcoming event is the NALS 67th Annual Education and Networking Conference, which will be held in Phoenix, Arizona, on September 20-22, 2018. If you’ve never been to a NALS conference, why don’t you make this one your first? If you’ve been before, you realize the importance of the networking opportunities that are created by meeting NALS members from across the nation. You will be excited after attending a NALS conference. The early bird registration ends June 1, 2018, so please consider this event and plan accordingly.

The AALS RECIPE FOR SUCCESS cannot be successful without all the ingredients. Have you ever tried to cook something, only to realize at the end that an ingredient was left out? Just like a recipe with a missing ingredient that flops, this association cannot continue to thrive without the participation and support of all of you! Are you the missing ingredient? Support your officers. Support your meetings. Support your speakers. Support your events. Support yourself by being an active ingredient in this organization. The 2018-2019 RECIPE FOR SUCCESS can only be successful with all ingredients, which includes you.

Happy cooking!! “Dream of tomorrow–live for today and learn from yesterday!”